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How to Fix Canon Printer not Printing Black?

How to Fix Canon Printer not Printing Black?
Tuesday, 8 February 92 Views Business & Finance

Why won't my Canon printer print black? When the printer does not print black ink, the most likely reason is the printhead nozzles which, when clogged, prevent black ink from being released onto the paper. You can also stop printing black if black ink has run out or the white ink cartridge is clogged.

Friday, 21 January

Canon Printer is among the popular printer brand name. You can print documents and pictures easily and not just black and white texts but coloured material too. Sometimes due to some issue you might encounter canon print not printing properly. Here’s how to fix Canon Printer not printing black. Check that the ink cartridges are placed properly and there’s no missing colours. Clean the print head once and then check the nozzle colour pattern. 

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