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How to Report Snapchat For a Problem?

Copx Martin Thursday, 10 October, 2019 233 Views

Can I use this form to report my issue

How to Stop Skype from Starting Automatically on Mac?

Miles Franklin Wednesday, 11 September, 2019 190 Views

Right-click on the Skype icon located in your Mac's Dock> hover over Options and click Open in the Sign in option in the context menu. This will uncheck the "Open at login" option and prevent Skype from automatically starting on Mac, the next time you start your computer.

Why my emails are not received in Yahoo Mail?

Kerry Greenwood Thursday, 25 July, 2019 107 Views

How to fix problems signing into your Yahoo account?

Garry Pluso Thursday, 25 July, 2019 128 Views

What should I do when outlook signature not working?

Jonathan Wells Thursday, 30 May, 2019 327 Views

How to fix it if the Gmail password does not work?

Kate Grenville Tuesday, 21 May, 2019 242 Views

When I log in to my Gmail account, Google says that your password is incorrect, what should I do?

How to Recover Google Account Password without Phone Number?

Jonathan Wells Wednesday, 27 March, 2019 316 Views

How can I recover my Gmail password without phone number? Please help me to find my Google account password without using phone number (mobile number linked with Google has been lost/hacked/stolen)