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Turn on the printer -> Initial settings -> wireless wizard setup option on control panel ->choose the wireless option -> home network list -> enter name and pw -> start printing HP DeskJet 3630 printer via or call our tollfree +1-800-237-0201 or visit our blog

HP Printer setup for windows

Friday, 17 April, 2020 233 Views

In here we provide you with line by line instructions for HP Printer setup: To start with HP Printer setup, at first, unpack the HP printer from the package by peeling off the tape stuck on the printer. Take out the printer from the box and check for the essential contents like the power connector, ink cartridges, setup poster, etc. Just visit our site

I need steps to Recover AOL Mail Hacked Account?

Saturday, 28 March, 2020 445 Views

Hey there, I am Jennifer Ellen. I need to recover my hacked AOL mail account but the issue is i can't able to follow the steps properly ! should i have to take the help of this website's support experts?

Passwords.Google.Com Saved Passwords

Sunday, 22 March, 2020 758 Views

How to find, view and delete Passwords.Google.Com Saved Passwords on Google Chrome, Android and iPhone devices?

How can I override authencation code on facebook

Friday, 20 March, 2020 768 Views

My Facebook page was hacked. I recovered my Facebook account but can't log in because it's asking for a generator code. I tried to override it but with no success. Can you please help me to be able to log in? I did numerous of reports with proof of ID's but no help/ Can you please help me to log in my account?

How to Download and Install PC Matic?

Monday, 24 February, 2020 328 Views

I am unable to set up antivirus on my windows device, can anyone suggest me the process to download and install PC Matic antivirus.

Fix Google Drive Storage Full but No Files in It Issue

Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 1030 Views

My Google Drive shows Storage Full but I have no files in it, I tried deleting some of the unnecessary files but still facing the same issue again and again.

How to fix Play store error retrieving information from server df-dferh-01 error.

Someone changed my email and password to my Facebook how can I fix it

How to Troubleshoot Gmail SMTP settings when not working?

Monday, 10 February, 2020 290 Views

Is there any method to troubleshoot Gmail SMTP settings not working problems?