How to Fix Yahoo not sending emails problem

How to Fix Yahoo not sending emails problem
Thursday, 29 September, 2022 668 Views Computers & Internet

Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Are you having an issue with your Yahoo account? or if your yahoo not sending emails and you are facing issues and unable to fix them. Then have no fear! This guide will aid you to get your Yahoo email working again, and you will acquire knowledge about how to fix it.

Why is Yahoo Not Sending Emails?

There are several reasons why yahoo is not sending emails, such as:

  1. Internet Connectivity/WIFI Connection
  2. Yahoo Mail Account Server Down
  3. Sender Email Address
  4. Email attachment Size Greater Than 25 MB
  5. Cache & Data Issue and so on.


Solution 1: Check the Internet or WIFI Connection


When yahoo not sending emails then you should verify first that the Internet connectivity or WIFI connection on your device or computer is working properly. Also, check the mobile data or cellular data on your mobile phone.

Solution 2: Check Temporary Server

In case, if your internet is working fine, then you will need to look for a temporary server issue. This means you will need to check if the Yahoo email is not loading for everyone, if not, that means the Yahoo email provider side is down. Then you must wait for a few minutes once the Yahoo server works properly.

Solution 3: Verify the Sender's Email Address


Sometimes, the issue Yahoo email is not sending occurs when you try to send the email address incorrectly. Then, ensure the email you are sending to that sender's email address is valid.

Solution 4: Clear Cache and Data

The next step you should take is to try to clear the locally stored cache and data from your computer or device’s web browser.

Solution 5: Verify POP/SMTP Server Settings


Sometimes, yahoo does not send emails occurs when you use your Yahoo mail account with an Email client like Outlook or others. Thus, to fix this problem, you should ensure that you have configured the POP/SMTP server setting for your Yahoo account.

That’s it.

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