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GeForce Experience Game cannot be optimized [Solved]

GeForce Experience Game cannot be optimized [Solved]
Thursday, 18 July, 2019 2151 Views Computers & Internet

Thursday, 18 July, 2019

For less advanced computer users, GeForce Experience is a useful application that helps keep drivers updated, optimize game settings and allow you to share your game moments with your friends.

Having said that, many users have problems when they see the notification: "GeForce can not optimize games on this PC" or "Games can not be optimized". As shown in the first screenshot above.

If this also happens to you, read on and follow the easy steps to take with images to help you solve the problem.

1: Temporarily close the firewall

2: Change the configuration in GeForce Experience

3: Clean installation of the NVIDIA display driver

1: Temporarily close the firewall

Some users reported that this problem disappeared when they temporarily turned off the firewall on their computers. It seems that in some computers, the firewall completely blocked the search for new games, which makes it impossible for GeForce to help you optimize your gaming experience.

2: Change the configuration in GeForce Experience

1) Open your NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Go to the Preferences tab. Then click on the side tab Games.

2) Make sure that the box for Recommend the optimal configuration is checked.

3) Now go back to the Game tab. See if the requirements are met. If so, then the optimizations should be able to work now.

3: Clean installation of the NVIDIA display driver

1) To perform a clean installation of your screen driver, you must first download the Screen Driver Uninstaller. It will help you uninstall your graphics driver completely.

After the download, install as indicated.

Please note that the Display Driver Uninstaller may not work well after the Windows 10 creators are updated. If you have problems using it, please let us know and we will give you more help.

2) Start the Display Driver Uninstaller. If you are in normal mode, it will suggest that you first go to Safe Mode and then continue with the uninstallation.

Choose from the Safe mode (recommended) drop-down box.

3) Choose the option Clean and restart (Highly recommended).

Wait for the uninstallation to finish and your computer will reboot in normal mode.

4) Then go to the NVIDIA support website and find the correct graphics card driver for your device.

5) When you find the correct driver, download it and then install it according to the instructions. The time spent depends on the searchability and the speed of the network. Therefore, the time can vary from 10 minutes to 1 hour or more.

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