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How do I unlock my phone if I forgot my Google account?

How do I unlock my phone if I forgot my Google account?
Wednesday, 9 October, 2019 190 Views Computers & Internet
My phone is locked and I forgot my Gmail account, how can I bypass the FRP lock?

Sunday, 18 July

If you are an iPhone user, try these ways:

1.First, connect your device to the computer or launch iTunes to restore the device.

2.Factory reset your device by using iCloud, etc.

3.The final restort is some phone unlocker or other repair tools like TunesKit iOS System Recovery to unlock your phone.


Wednesday, 9 October, 2019

How do I unlock my phone if I forgot my Google account?

Being friendly with the latest models of Android phone, people often carry different types of trouble engaging phone lock, hang, black screen, unable to switch on and many more. If we talk about serving the solution on one of the topics that would recently survey of unlocking the phone in case you have forgotten the Google account.

We all are aware of the android phone possesses with an inbuilt security specialization to prohibit unauthorized access like pattern lock, PIN or fingerprint scanner. If you keep unlocking for multiple times pattern lock or pin lock to open the mobile device then the android operating system will automatically block your device. You need to remember by factory reset it will quickly remove all your information seen in your android phone. In case you require those data then you require using third-party tools.

To overcome this situation, you may require a robust solution to figure out the unlocking of the phone if unable to memorize the Google account.

·         The very first step which is to be removed from the SD card from the phone in case available.

·         Switch off the mobile device by holding the Power button.

·      Power on the android device converting in recovery mode. In most of the device, turning into a recovery mode procedure is similar to holding the power button and also the volume key. Press this button carefully unless the device gets boots.

·       If this recovery mode method does not respond then you can go for searching Google with your mobile phone model number.

·         A DOS screen will appear with unique options, you may also cover volume key to scroll up and down.

·         Select the Factory Reset option along with pressing the power button to make the confirmation.

·     Hit on the yes button to delete all the user data and information and tap on Reboot System Now option.

·         Your mobile phone will get redirected and you require entering the password to unlock it.

·         Now you can open the settings and fill the new password for your mobile to unlock.

Coordinating with the proper steps, a person can quickly deal with their phone. Unlock the device by configuring the above-mentioned procedure. Before applying the process, one requires confirming the Google account which is perfectly connected with your mobile device. Use the same account which helps in unlocking your device. Google account is used to get access via authentication and authorization which works in the resource of Google service.

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