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How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Android

Wednesday, 11 September 47 Views Computers & Internet
Google account verification is required when setting up an Android device. What happens if you forget your Gmail ID or password after resetting?
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Wednesday, 11 September

Every individual is familiar with Google and every day Google is updating its features so that the user’s data can be safe and secure. In fact, Google’s very first priority is to secure the user's information in safest way. After going through this case, Android Lollipop version has modified then Google has launched a security feature allowing the phone un-usable when it gets lost or stolen. After learning the steps, all the data or contents available on the phone will be safe and secure. But there is an option of getting in trouble even going through this process when users forget their passwords of Google account. So if user is not able to retrieve the password of Google account then the device becomes useless. To tackle the situation, you need the information about how to bypass Google’s security verification on Android.

Let’s discuss the steps to bypass Google’s account Verification on Android phone

1.       Move to settings option

2.      Select and accounts

3.      Hit accounts option

4.      Search for the Google account and tap on it

5.      Hit remove account

6.      In case you are asked to verify that really you want to remove the account, you can tap ye remove or yes I agree.

7.      Your account is now successfully removed.

One can also bypass Google verification by resetting the device

1.       Open the settings option

2.      Tap on the system and advanced

3.      Hit the reset options

4.      Configure once the reset process unless you reach Google verification page

5.      Hit the back button to visit Wireless network screen

6.      Press Add network and type any random letters and numbers in the new network section or SSID.

7.      Press and hold down the sequence on which you have written. Tap share and choose Gmail from that option.

8.      After that tap on Notification and then App settings

9.      In the upper right corner tap on the three lines and then account.

10.   Next move to settings if you have prompted to verify then hit continue

11.    In settings choose backup and reset following the factory data reset.

Once your Google account is removed, you will see that some of the applications are not working or has been logged out. This is because your Google account was linked with those apps.

Hence, after going through the above-mentioned steps, one can easily get back to their profile. Bypassing Google’s verification is easy but sometimes difficult as your Android phone might not support for a while. Getting the relevant information leads to the best outcome working with Google in the future.

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