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How to Connect Canon MG3620 Printer to WiFi

How to Connect Canon MG3620 Printer to WiFi
Wednesday, 23 October 82 Views Computers & Internet
Press and hold the Wi-Fi button [A] on the printer until the POWER light [B] flashes. Press the Color [C] button and then the Wi-Fi button. Make sure the Wi-Fi light is blinking and the POWER light is on. To continue with the wireless setup, you must install the drivers and the accompanying software on your computer.

Wednesday, 23 October

Connect Canon MG3620 Printer To WiFi

Canon is a popular printer brand. There are multiple printer brands from the house of Canon. Popular printer brands from Canon include Canon MG3620, Canon PIXMA E3170, and Canon IP1188, Canon Pixma IP 2770, Canon LBP 7018C and more. You can bring a canon printer at home or office and connect it WiFi and print without any problem. When you bring the Canon MG3620 printer you want to know how to connect the Canon MG3620 printer to WiFi. You can follow the below steps to connect your printer to WiFi:


1.  Hold the WiFi button on your Canon printer until you see the On light glowing.

2.  After that press the color button and then tap the WiFi button.

3.  Now you need to check if the WIFi glows and the On lamp remains lit.

4.  The next step is that you install the printer driver and software on your computer to Continue the wireless set up.

5.  Now, you need to insert the installation disc into the CD drive.

6.  You will see the setup program starting automatically.

7.  Then you see a message displaying on your screen of Installation completed.

8.  Now you can click Exit to complete the setup process and now your Canon MG3620 printer is ready to print.

So, this is how you can connect a Connon MG3620 printer to WiFi. You can enjoy high-quality printing immediately after this.

You can start the CanonMG3620 printer wireless set up by ensuring that you have turned on the Canon printer. If the device is turned on the On lamp would remain lit. After that, you should wait for the Canon printer to complete the cleaning, printhead, alignment or any other ongoing process before you start the setup process and work on connecting Canon printer to WiFi.

You can choose a connection method to a WiFi network. If you choose a cableless method, it may take some time. Also, an internet connection may not be there when you are setting up a Canon printer to WiFi. You need to note here that this wireless setup option is not available on Windows RT and Chrome OS. You need to run the installation program on Windows or MAC device for cableless setup. So, the process to connect your Canon MG3620 printer is here and you can connect CanonMG3620 to WiFi using this method. But, if you need help you can get it from Canon.

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