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How to log out of Facebook on every device you're logged into

How to log out of Facebook on every device you're logged into
Monday, 30 September, 2019 306 Views Computers & Internet
To log out of Facebook on another computer, phone or tablet: Go to your Security Settings and login. Go to the Where you are logged in section. You may have to click See more to see all the sessions in which you are logged in. Find the session you want to end. Click and then click Sign out.

Monday, 30 September, 2019

Facebook is the social a media platform that is been readily used by the people across the world and hence if you are looking for some entertainment that too free of cost then this is something that can also prove useful to you along with the entertainment that it provides. So in order to use it, you just have to register with the facebook and during registration, you get the login ID as well as the password that you can simply use in order to login to facebook. You have to be little careful while using the app or the site since you have to always be aware of the fraud as well as the hackers who are trying to steal your data at every moment. A lot of cybercrimes also performed with the help of this platform.

So you have to be aware of the fake profiles that are been created by creeps to get the hold pf privacy of innocent people like you.  Other than the drawback that few people uses this for performing the wrong acts, it also has a number of the advantages and a number of features due to which people are bound to use it on the daily basis. This is the platform that you can use on multiple devices and multiple browsers at a time so you need not have to log out of Facebook from another device before closing the app. If you tap on remember me option then you will not have to log in to the app every time you think of scrolling the newsfeed.

But sometimes it happens that you have logged in on someone else device or you may be using your parent’s device or your office device. And you do not want others to get into your account. Then, in that case, you simply have to log out the facebook from all the devices that you are logged in. Do not worry about whether it is possible or not since facebook has provided us an easy way to deal with a situation like this.

In order to log-out facebook of all the devices you just need to follow the below written steps:

1.       The first thing that you have to do is to visit the facebook on your favorite browser.

2.      And then you simply have to tap on the upside-down triangle that you can easily figure out on the top right corner.

3.      After doing so you have to simply tap on the option of settings.

4.      Doing as written above will take you to a brand new page where you will have to tap on the option of security and login onto the top left corner of the screen.

5.      So after that, you just have to see the section of “where I have logged in”

6.      You will see all the places where you have logged in, tap on more option to see the other things.

7.      After that, you simply have to tap on the log out of all devices option which is easily available on the bottom right corner.

8.     And then you will be prompted with a pop-up that says log -out please click on it.

9.      Once you do this, you will be automatically be logged out of all the devices.

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