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How to Set Homepage in Firefox

Wednesday, 11 September 43 Views Computers & Internet
Look at these steps to know how to set or change your homepage. Open a tab with the web page you want to use as the home page. Drag and drop that tab on the Start button on your toolbar. Click Yes to set this page as your home page.
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Wednesday, 11 September

Customizing and modifying your Firefox homepage can be a great way to add a more personalized touch to your web browsing experience, whether you're using Firefox on a computer or on iOS and Android devices.

The Firefox homepage sometimes is related to as a start page or home screen is the first page which is visible when you launch the Mozilla Firefox internet browser. The contents you see of the Firefox homepage on a desktop can be modified to load a specific website, a completely blank page with nothing on it, or a collection of Firefox widgets showing your most-searched websites.

Beginning with the major part, we will frequently move according to your desired solution by serving the best outcome across the world. Let’s start with the very easiest one, which is setting your homepage in Firefox on Android phone.

1.       Hit the menu button.

2.      Look for Settings >General>Home>Set a Homepage.

3.      On this screen, you can select Firefox Home or Custom. The latter option will permit you to enter a website URL to be used as your homepage upon the next startup.

Setting up homepage in Firefox on Mac and PC 

1.       Once you open the Mozilla Firefox browser on your macOS or Windows computer, Choose the three vertical lines icon in the top-right corner of the screen

2.      Once you see a drop-down menu, hit options.

3.      Choose Home from the menu on the left side of the window.

4.      On the top of the upcoming screen, you might see the words Homepage and new windows beside a drop-down menu. Hit the drop-down menu to reveal three options for your Mozilla Firefox browser homepageFirefox Home (Default)Custom URLs, and Blank Page.

5.      Hit the homepage option you need from the drop-down menu. The change will be disclosed immediately.

Put some more effort to pick your desired solution by setting the homepage on iOS

When you want a webpage load instead of Top Sites and you open Firefox on iOS, move to the menu icon > Settings Homepage, then hit the website URL into the field.

However, get the easiest way to grab the solution because we serve extraordinary whose performance denotes how one can solve every issue regarding Mozilla Firefox.

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