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How to set up an Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon's portable media streaming device

How to set up an Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon's portable media streaming device
Thursday, 19 September 57 Views Computers & Internet
Your Fire Stick plugs into your HDMI TV via USB port, connects via Wi-Fi, and comes equipped with a Bluetooth remote. Simply plug your Fire Stick in and you will be directed through the setup process and prompted to sign into your Amazon account.

Monday, 30 September

How to set up an Amazon Fire Stick

Recently have you bought the Amazon fire stick which is not being able to attach by your own idea? Do not stress, it's not too complex. Running in a simple description, it's Amazon's revert to Google’s Chromecast but it's also a better way to include some latest indications to your non-smart TV.

Some of the unique accessories carried with Amazon fire stick,

·         Amazon Fire TV Remote: Packed with 1st-generation Fire TV Stick. If you've bought the latest model of the Fire TV Stick, this might, instead, appear with an Alexa Voice Remote.

·         USB Cable and Power Adapter

·         HDMI Extender: This is attached with the original Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick along with Alexa Voice Remote. This connection may support in improving your device's Wi-Fi connection.

·         HDMI Adapter: This adapter is fixed with Fire TV Stick including Voice Remote models only. For other models, you'll require buying in parts

·         2 AAA Batteries: Used for the remote

To set up the Amazon fire stick you need to focus on each step as described in the process. Once you have applied each functionality, your desired video will be played with amazing view on full screen.

1.       Attach the micro-USB power cable into your Fire TV Stick including the other end into the plug adapter as well as into the wall.

2.      Plugin the Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port on your TV (a cable is inserted to extend the HDMI reach if you’ve got a separate tricky TV).

3.      After that, switch on the TV and turn the input to the right HDMI port.

4.      The user won’t be able to use the Fire TV Stick unless you pair a remote. Successfully, by just attaching the batteries into the selected remote, it should automatically be paired. If this fails to work, you can download and play with the Amazon Fire TV remote app on your phone.

5.      Next, it’s time to set up the wireless network. Fire TV Stick must quickly find your Wi-Fi. Choose your network and type any passwords.

6.      Your Fire TV Stick will then investigate for the updates and download any measure it doesn’t end before letting you continue. Relying on how latest you have bought the stick and the capacity of your connection, this could take some more time and space.

7.      In case you had bought your Fire TV Stick from Amazon, it will match up already logged in and set up with the desired account, which is in your hand. In case not then, don’t worry; it’s very simple to set up a new profile on Fire TV, need nothing more than your Amazon login details and information.

8.     Once this process is accomplished, you’ll be hanged up to an unskippable theory to your Fire TV Stick, riding you through the basics of what the system can perform and how to cover its tremendous features.

9.      Now from this procedure, you may also set up parental control settings before you begin utilizing your Fire TV Stick as mentioned.

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