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How you can use the Google Translate app to translate languages offline

How you can use the Google Translate app to translate languages offline
Monday, 30 September 55 Views Computers & Internet

If neither language is the one you want to download, click Translate or Translate from the side of the screen and select the language you want. Touch the language you want to use offline. Touch the download icon that appears next to the language, as shown below.


Monday, 30 September

Are you looking about how to use the google translate app to translate languages offline? Here you will get all possible measures to access the translator offline. But before moving ahead of you need to know the given below essentials:

·         While using Google translates offline, you will no longer able to read the translated text back.

·         Only English language is available for offline access.

·    In case you make an effort to translate using a language not available in offline mode, Transaction Failed messages will pop-up on the screen.

·        In order to genuinely use Google translate in offline mode, you have to download the offline package of the languages you wanna translate to and from.

Steps to use Google Translate app to translate languages offline

A.    Downloading offline languages

·         Download and install Google Translate in your device.

·         Click on the three-horizontal line tab in the top left corner of the screen.

·         In the given drop-down menu click on offline translation.

·         Here you will get all the available offline languages, as all the languages aren’t available for offline purpose.

·         Then hit on the download tab next to the language.

· Further, you will get an alert on your screen having translation file size along with Download and Cancel option.

·         Hit on Download to confirm and the language will appear in the downloaded section. 

B.    Managing offline languages

·         Click on the three-horizontal line tab in the top left corner of the screen and you will get all downloaded languages or any updates available for them.

·         In the drop-down menu click on offline translation, downloaded languages will be on the top of the list.

·         Hit on Update tab if you want to update for the latest version of language.

·         You can also click on the Upgrade tab to download a higher quality and approved version for that particular language.

·         You can also remove a language by clicking on the Delete tab.

C.     Translating while offline

·         Open Google translate the app and click on the language in the top left corner your device screen.

·         Select the language you wanna translate from the drop-down menu.

·         Similarly, select the language in the top the right corner you wanna translate to from the drop-down menu.

·         Either type or paste the text you wanna translate. You can also click on the microphone to speak and translate.

·         You can access the camera tab option to scan and translate written text or the squiggly icon tab to draw and translate characters.

These are the methods to access Google translate app in offline mode. It is quite simple and easy to apply.

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