How to Fix YouTube Error 400?

How to Fix YouTube Error 400?
Wednesday, 8 January, 2020 465 Views

I keep getting "Youtube error 400" every time I use Youtube. Is there any way to fix this problem as it is annoying and frustrating sometimes.

Wednesday, 8 January, 2020

YouTube is a video sharing app from the house of Google and it is the world’s most used and popular video app. There are millions of users in the world using YouTube on a daily basis. In addition, this is probably the most used search engine app after Google. User can easily type or use voice command feature to search and watch any videos as search results. You can watch movies, songs, tutorials, informational videos and more. 

YouTube is a very strong social media platform as it handles millions of users every second from around the world. Thus the platform is strong enough to handle user traffic on its site else it will crash. But nowadays it has been reported by many users that they face issues while using YouTube and one such problem is YouTube error 400.

Here are 10 different ways to fix the problem.

You come across error Youtube Error 400 when using YouTube on a laptop, mobile or even TV. Error 400 appears when a malformed or illegal request made on YouTube. So, what are the solutions to fix YouTube error 400?

Restart your computer

This is the first thing that comes to mind and you should apply as well. You can simply turn off and then turn on your computer or you can restart your computer. Several times it has been seen that doing so actually solves browser-related problems easily. So, you can try this and after your computer restarts check again if YouTube is showing the video or it is still showing error 400.

Log out and log-in again

The next thing you can try is to logout of your YouTube account and then log-in again. You need to do this simple thing and this may solve your problem quickly. And if you find that problem still persists you can try other solutions.

Refresh your browser a few times

A refreshing browser can also solve the problem and you can simply do it by pressing the F5 button several times on your computer or laptop. If refreshing also does not work, try other options.

Clear cache and cookies from your device

Another solution that you can try to fix the problem of Youtube error 400 is to clear the cache and cookies from your devices such as laptops and mobile. Clearing the cache means you clear everything from the browsing history. Cookies are created when you open different websites and they use cookies to know your browsing patterns and based on your browsing pattern you are shown ads and other things while using a different site. Thus when you face YouTube error 400, the first thing you can apply is clear the cache and cookies and see if it still shows error 400 or it has been solved.

Clean YouTube’s cookies

Once you have cleared cookies on your device next solution you can try is cleaning the cookies created on YouTube. You can go to the settings on YouTube and clear cookies from there. This may be a better choice than clearing cookies from your device completely because it may be inconvenient to delete cookies completely from your device as you will lose all your saved settings and you will need to log-in to every account all over again. But when you clear the cookies only from YouTube, you only have to re-login to YouTube account.

Set chrome in incognito mode 

If YouTube error 400 occurs because of browser problem, then setting browser in incognito can solve all browser related issues quickly and plays the video on YouTube smoothly. And if you want to switch back to normal mode you can do it anytime afterward. Using this way, you can check if the video is playing in incognito mode or not. If the video is playing in incognito mode but not in normal mode, you can go to the browser settings and then advance settings and from there you can reset the settings that will remove all errors including YouTube error 400.

Reset the browser settings

You can reset the browser settings to original or default settings. This will remove all browsing history, log-ins, extensions, plug-ins and other things from the browser. You need to be sure about resetting your browser before you do it. However, it can solve the problem of YouTube error 400.

To reset the browser setting, you need to go to Chrome > Settings > Advanced. Scroll down and click on “Restore to the original defaults. Then click on Reset settings to complete the process.

Play video with video URL instead of the direct link to it

This is a simple solution which you should try to fix Youtube error 400. Find the video URL of the video and play the video using that URL. To find the video id you can go to the YouTube web page and there in the URL you will see a combination of numbers and letters right after the “=” sign at the end of the URL. This unique combination is the video id which you can use to play the video.

Uninstall and reinstall the Chrome browser

You can try to uninstall chrome browser and then re-install it again. Doing this may fix the issue of YouTube Error 400 because sometimes there are many browser-related issues which can only be removed by uninstalling your web browser.

Check your internet connection

This can be the last thing you can attempt. Check the WiFi connection or mobile data connection on your device and if you find any problem, you can try to restore internet connection and soon after doing this, you will actually find that YouTube error 400 has been solved. This will help because you can’t play any video on Youtube without the internet connection and sometimes problem with the internet can also cause this problem though but the probability is less.


Now you have 10 different ways to fix YouTube error 400 and you can try each step by step process and see if the issue gets fixed or not. YouTube is an essential app because you watch videos on a daily basis and any interruption means frustration. Now, you can try to fix the problem on your own but if you still couldn’t solve the problem then it is recommended to seek help from an expert.


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