How to request a refund for Spirit airlines flight ticket?

How to request a refund for Spirit airlines flight ticket?
Wednesday, 17 March, 2021 764 Views Travel
Refund Request Step 1 of 5 Spirit Airlines will provide refunds for eligible tickets and optional services once Spirit Airline receives the request along with the required documentation. The refund request depends on the fare rules of the purchased ticket. Fully used tickets are non-refundable.

Wednesday, 17 March, 2021

How to request a refund for a Spirit Airlines flight ticket?

Becoming an elite member of FREE SPIRIT, the frequent flyer program introduced by Spirit, is a great way of booking a cheap flight at Spirit Airlines; it is followed by thousands of people keen on saving their money. Getting a reservation 30 or more days before the departure, setting fare alerts and follow the social media profiles of Spirit Airlines, searching Spirit Airlines flights on your private browsing mode, avoiding flying on the rush hours and festive days, getting flexible with your travel dates booking a ticket for Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, finding out the cheapest flying days, talking to the helpdesk, and booking Spirit Airlines Red-Eye flights are some other ways of saving money on traveling through this airline company. Here is how to request a refund for Spirit Airlines. Hence, we will discuss the refund policy boasts by this airline company. 

Make your refund request on the Complaint or Compliment page

  1. Open the Complaint or Compliment section on the official website 
  2. Type on your web browser 
  3. Here you will see five options in which you need to select the 5th option – Complaint 
  4. Make your Complaint and ask for the refund 
  5. Here you will see a form which is needed to be filled 
  6. Make your refund request by entering the itinerary details 

As it is one of the leading low-cost airlines of the United States, it does not introduce any passengers' refund policy. So, they keep the price of tickets low. However, the cancellation of tickets is not such a loss. To get the benefit of request a refund for Spirit Airlines, you need to book your tickets under any award from the FREE Spirit frequent flyer of Spirit Airlines. You have to pay $110 for every passenger to cancel or change. You are eligible to get a refund for those tickets whose reservation was made within 7 days or 168 hours before the scheduled departure. You can also get a refund if you have canceled your tickets within 24 hours of purchasing the tickets. 

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