How Can I Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone Issue?

How Can I Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone Issue?
Wednesday, 11 September, 2019 303 Views Computers & Internet
The problem of Yahoo mail that does not work on iPhone may arise if you have not enabled mobile data for the Mail application. If you do not have Wi-Fi coverage, this may happen on your iPhone. Simply open Settings -> Cellular -> Activate the Mail application.

Wednesday, 11 September, 2019

Often many users are complaining about their phones’ issues and the most common is Yahoo Mail is not working on their phones. Users are seeking help to resolve this issue immediately.

Here a way to fix Yahoo is not responding on iPhone:

The problem occurs when the communication between Apple’s Mail servers and Yahoo’s servers. For overcoming from this issue, you can try logging in via the Yahoo Mail or an internet web browser which is your choice.

You can delete and re-add Yahoo Mail on your iPhone that means delete the Yahoo Mail if this added before from iOS Mail on your iPhone & re-add Yahoo Mail to it.

Yahoo Mail Not Working Troubleshooting Steps:

1.     Firstly, open Settings then enter the account and passwords

2.     Next, tap on your phone then tap Delete Account and go to Settings and Account and password again.

3.     Now, tap Add Account and after it selects Yahoo.

4.     Here enter Yahoo Mail Address & password to sign-in. By this process, you are able to read your all email again on iPhone.

There are more ways to fix Yahoo on iPhone such as enable cellular data, update your Ios version to the latest, set SMTP server, use Yahoo Mail App and generate third party App passwords.  If you need more help then you can take help from Yahoo Help.

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