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How do you recover facebook password without email and phone number?

How do you recover facebook password without email and phone number?
Friday, 26 July, 2019 886 Views Computers & Internet
Can anyone, let me know the procedure to recover/reset a Facebook account password without phone number or email address.

Friday, 26 July, 2019

How to recover Facebook password without email and phone number

Chatting with a person who you wish for is one of the greatest recommended medicines to remove stress and tension loaded but to meet the loved ones we need easy access through which one can communicate easily. People are also fond of meeting new people to know more about them and their place and for that, they need to travel at different location of different tribes. The arising technology has wiped out this issue and created “Facebook”. The word Facebook itself defines that meeting different faces in one app (book). Do you want that you should stay connected for long whom you met; we guess yes that is why you contact them whenever you want. Facebook a social media app is considered as the way of communicating to the people of their desire even if they are miles away from you. It supports various unique functions which are eye-catching. From, sending messages to receiving messages, from uploading images to liking and commenting, from going live to sending friend requests Facebook is useful as well as carries some drawback.

Behind working in a big organization, people are often fond of creating new things outside their working area. These creative ideas quickly progress in the market and grow by selling their invention publicly. When Facebook came into the market, many people started adding those whom they even don’t recognize. Similarly, allowing those people who want to get added can be easily repaired.

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·         Facebook Login

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·         Account settings

·        Who can send me a friend request? Tap on only me and proceed further.

While logging in, one can face different types of issues which can harm their app or website. The most common trouble faced is “Forgot Password”. One can remember his password if it’s easiest and difficult to learn but if he is aware of his password; none of the problems will be created while logging in. Public lays emphasis on finding a solution at different websites which not even wastes time but also does not find the correct solution.

When a person forgets his password, he immediately looks for a new password but if he wants that his account must be recovered without applying the recovery email address or the phone number, then Facebook is sorry for this inconvenience because they want your account to be safe and protected. To overcome this issue one can follow the steps dropped below:

1.    In case you are unable to login to your Facebook account, try using an alternate email address which was provided by you while creating the account.

2.    Find your account via username or name. You will be able to see a number of people with the same name where you need to find your profile. Once you have seen your profile, just keep calm and follow the instructions provided after it.

3.    If you have trusted contacts which are being mentioned by you at the time of using Facebook, you can easily get back your account through their email ID.

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