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How to Add Signature in Windows Live Mail

Wednesday, 11 September 35 Views Computers & Internet
Email signatures in Windows Live Mail and Outlook. Go to File> Options ...> Open the Signatures tab. Select New in the Signatures area. Create your email signature in Edit signature. Click or touch OK when finished. While composing a message, you can select which signature you want to use:
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Wednesday, 11 September

It is essentially to create a signature for an account to give a personal touch and adding it brings an appealing element to your account.

 Thus, here are a few ways to add signature in windows live mail.

After following these steps then you get the answer to this ‘how to Add a Signature to Windows Live Mail?’

 Step 1:- Open the web browser and navigate the file.

Step 2:- Go to Mail for Windows and open the Signature tab.

 Step 3:- Select ‘Settings’ and open it.

Step 4:- Next, select ‘Signature from the settings menu.

Step 5:- Now, be sure of the use of an email signature is enabled i.e. turn on ‘Use an Email signature’ toggle-button.

Step 6:- After this, select ‘Apply to all accounts’ checkbox or select an account & customize your signature.

Step 7:- In the given field enter the email signature, the default text is ‘Sent’ from Mail for Windows 10’. Then, re-type this text to change it and click ‘Save’.

 However when you create a new email in Mail for Windows then your signature gets visible at bottom of the message automatically.

Some tips for creating your Email signature:

Be simple and signature includes a few lines about 4-5 of text, Simple text format with colors, and a tiny logo.

Now there are steps for writing your signature:

1.       You have to study your current signature and sign your name on paper.

2.      You can do research on Signatures before making signature so that you take an idea of how to design.

3.      Then, identify and decide the font should be used.

4.      It is good to write in capital

5.      Do practice for accuracy and be consistent. 

Steps for creating a signature in Mail for windows:                                               

1.       Firstly, choose ‘Settings’ and click ‘Signature’ tabs.

2.      Next, select an account or check ‘Apply to all accounts box’.

3.      Now, ensure that you have enabled email signature.

4.      Here, type signature and your signature are automatically saved.

Signatures are very important for legal identification and for personal expression. Signature has an element of uniqueness.

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