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How to Change Google Chrome Homepage

Wednesday, 11 September 40 Views Computers & Internet
Choose your homepage. On your computer, open Chrome. In the upper right corner, click More. Select Settings. Under "Appearance," check the Show start button box. Under "Show home button", click Change to choose your home page.
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Wednesday, 11 September

Did you know about what a home page and how to change your homepage?

The Homepage is the name of the main page of a website where people can search hyperlinks to other pages on the site. The homepage on all servers is index.html by default. However, it can be index.htm, index.php too.

These are ways for how to choose and change your homepage


1.       Open your browser

2.      Click ‘Settings.

3.      Below ‘Appearance’, Turn on ‘Show Home’

4.      Under ‘Show Home’, select ‘New Tab’ or ‘Custom Page’.

Now, how to change homepage:

1.       Open Internet Explorer.

2.      Next, click ‘Tools’ located the upper -right corner.

3.      Then, select ‘Internet option’ from the drop-down menu that appears.

4.      Now, below the ‘General tab’ enter the URL of your wishes to set.

5.      After these steps, click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’.

Google doesn’t provide changes into its stark homepage but it is changed on mobile. Google’s homepage is existing on both mobile and desktop.

You can set up your homepage for opening any homepage or start-up page. When you start up page, homepage/ search engine has unnoticed changed, then you might have unwanted software. Now learn how to get rid of malware in your computer and have your settings back.

Here is a way to remove unwanted pops & ads:

1.       Often you see these issues with Chrome, eg. Unwanted software.

2.      Pop-ups ads and a new tab which will not go away.

3.      Chrome homepage and search engine keep altering without your permission.

4.      Unwanted malware, Google Chrome extensions/ toolbars are coming back again.

5.      Your web- browser is compromised or high jacked and redirects to unknown pages/ads.

6.      Modifies a virus or infected system.

Step 1 remove apps problem

Step 2 protect your device

Step 3 stop notifications from certain websites

Now, how to avoid malware in the future:

Sometimes, a few contests have to win can be a danger to your devices due to the downloading of malware. Unknowing you get trapped in name of virus scanner; these sites maybe attempt to scare you into downloading unwanted software. Hence, they never download unknown websites in the future.

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