How to clear the cache on your iPhone and make it run faster

How to clear the cache on your iPhone and make it run faster
Monday, 30 September, 2019 295 Views Computers & Internet
Knowing how to clear the cache of your iPhone can speed up your phone, free up storage space and reduce the risk of failure. Here is how to do

Monday, 30 September, 2019

Ways to Clear the Cache on your iPhone and Make it Run Faster

Want to get a bunch of apps on your iPhone again?    Maybe you had tried hard and hesitate to delete some apps along with data to free up space on your iPhone but failed.  Actually, it is due to collecting caches continuously which are occupying the memory of your iPhone. Moreover, caches on iOS devices retain your iPhone/iPad data during a certain period for quick access next time you enter the app.  Hence, regarding the storage limit on iPhone & iPad, you have to clean up caches in different apps or even remove apps to speed up a slow iPhone for high performance.

We are giving you a few simple tips to get rid of iPhone caches that would use up your devices’ storage from three main aspects and keep better maintenance to boost performance. 

Method to clear caches on iPhone and optimize iPad & iPhone storage

1.       Prior to the beginning; check your iPad storage in Settings.

2.      First of all, tap Settings > General >Storage & iCloud Storage.

3.      Now, you can see clearly the usage conditions, the proportion of every app and how much free space remains here.

4.      So, the new iOS 11 helps you regain some storage space with a few new features, such as offloading unused apps.

5.      Alongside, you can enable iCloud photo library, delete old conversations of texts with attachments and see the detailed usage that every app takes.

6.      So, it's helpful to specify apps which get your iPhone clogged up and here two options are available to clean up caches in those apps and make apps responsive.

  Option 1

·         Here, you have to clear app caches in-app settings via just opening the apps that have lots of caches.

·         Next, tap Settings of the app and erase caches in the app to free up space. There is a problem; it costs much time to do such a repetitive job.

Option 2

·         Here you have to delete apps along with data and reinstall apps on iPad.

·         Actually, apps along with data occupy much storage and slow down your iPad. Therefore, it is better to clean out such kinds of apps and data.  For this you have to follow these steps:


1.       Firstly, unlock your iPad and enter Settings. Tap General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Later, see the usage section and tap to display all.

2.      Then, scroll down to have a look at the app list and select the app that takes up much space.

3.      Next, tap Uninstall App that document and data will still be stored and can be restored as you reinstall the app or Delete App which will delete the app thoroughly along with document and data.

4.      Finally, head to App Store to download the app again and get a fresh new app that no cache is on.

To sum up, you always should consider clearing caches from your iPhone time- to- time, for efficient working on the phone.

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