How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi

How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi
Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 617 Views Computers & Internet
Learn how to connect your Brother printer to Wifi Internet, Just Follow Some Simple Instructions to Easily Setup and Configure your Brother Printer with Wifi Internet Connection.

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019

Connect your Brother Printing Machine with WiFi

Brother is a very renowned printer produces for personal and business purposes. It manufactures printers enabled with wifi or wireless capability. So basically you are completely independent with being restricted to the same operating system, computing machine or the working location. Here you will get a proper manifestation of connecting the brother printer to wifi.

Well setting up of connection of brother printer to wifi leads to several sets of configuration. This article outlines the connection procedure in a very simplified manner. Follow the provided functionaries with all the mentioned procedures.

Connect the Brother Printer to WiFi Internet Connection

Below are the required steps and before stepping ahead one must be familiar with the password and network name of the wireless network.

1.  Go through your router’s documentation in order to learn web interface access procedures. Visit the interface of your computer’s browser and note down the router’s SSID number, encryption mode, authentication method, and encryption key.

2.  Plugin the Brother wireless printer with your router through an Ethernet cable. This is required while printer setup as you don’t need to have the two physically linked during the working tenure.

3.  Lodge the Brother driver software installation CD into your computer’s drive and execute the setup program. Select Wireless Setup And Install followed by Step By Step Install.

4.  Then click on With Cable the checkbox radio button and tap the Next tab twice.

5.  Further, choose the alternative starting with BRN in the series of Available Network Devices. This is basically the Brother wireless printer.

6.  Afterward, choose the wireless network with your router’s SSID on the upcoming screen.

7.  And in case if it doesn’t come up in the series, then hit on Add tab and input the SSID number manually followed by an authentication method, encryption mode and encryption key in the given field.

8.  Disable the cable and accept the license agreement.

9.  Click on Search the Network for Devices and Choose from a List of Discovered Devices checkbox and choose your printer from the given options to complete the installation process.  

10. Then utilize the CD to install the essential drivers on any system that will access the printer.

11. Choose the Driver Install Only in the setup program rather than making a wireless setup on some random computer.

And you are done well it’s pretty easy to connect the Brother printer to wifi. For a detailed discussion or for any question raised you can connect with the support team of the Brother. The experts will minutely accelerate all through your queries.

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