How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently?
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How can I delete my Facebook account immediately and permanently?

Thursday, 28 February, 2019

Deletion of Facebook account, require implementation of certain steps and rules that need to be followed properly in the case, you are looking to terminate your social media account on a permanent basis. People do have knowledge that the process of deactivation and deletion of Facebook account is completely different. The steps involved in performing these activities do not coincide with each other. But there is one similarity, which only a few of them are aware of when it comes to re-activating and terminating the delete Facebook account request. The user just needs to enter the login credentials of the Facebook account; to stop the process of Facebook account termination as well as its deactivation that is done on a temporary basis.


People often think about terminating their Facebook account, but they do not have any idea regarding how to delete the Facebook account without a password. As phone support is not offered by helpdesk team Facebook, users have to wait after submitting a request to chat or email support team managed by Facebook techies. It often takes 2-3 days for fixation of any problem; be it is related to deactivating or deleting a Facebook account on a temporary or permanent basis.


The fact is that Facebook account cannot be deleted, unless and until a password is provided to authenticate the ownership of the person; who is willing to delete his/her Facebook account. With scam activities prevailing on the large scale, it’s quite mandatory to maintain the privacy of Facebook account details. In order to do this, all kind of verification is done by Facebook in order to ensure that there are no loopholes left when it comes to maintaining the security and integrity of Facebook social media account.

Facebook password is asked persistently during the process of account deletion or deactivation. This protocol is formulated by Facebook itself so that hackers; who are attempting to delete Facebook account of users without letting him/her know about it, should not get succeeded in their attempt.


To make users aware of the process to delete Facebook account permanently with password, certain steps are revealed below:


  1.             Logging into the Facebook account by providing authentic login credentials such as registered email address and password that need to be entered carefully for successful access of Facebook dashboard.

    2.      Now click on the down arrow icon seen in the top right corner of the Facebook dashboard alongside the question mark icon.

    3.      Once the drop down menu is displayed, navigate your mouse to settings option and click on it.

    4.      Upon clicking the same, general account settings page is displayed, in which you will see the option of taking the Facebook account back up.

    5.      Once you click on the link "Download a copy" and press the button Start My Archive

    6.      Enter the password to authenticate the ownership of your account.

    7.      Upon entering the correct password, a dialogue box is displayed with the button "Start my Archive".

    8.     Once the backup or archive is completed, open a new tab in the web browser and type the URL mentioned below:

    9.      Once the page is displayed, read the content seen in the box before clicking on the button "Delete My Account"

    10.  Once the button is pressed upon, dialogue small popup box is displayed, in which you need to enter the password and fill up the captcha code in the text box before pressing the OK button.

    11.   Once the OK button is press dialogue box is displayed with the text, which clearly mentions that the user has 14 days grace period to cancel the request of Facebook account deletion.

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