How to Erase Apple ID without Password on iPhone or iPad?

How to Erase Apple ID without Password on iPhone or iPad?
Monday, 4 February, 2019 1952 Views Computers & Internet
I bought a second-hand iPhone and the password belongs to the other guy. How can I erase iPhone ID without password?

Monday, 4 February, 2019

Sometimes people have to deal with a problem "How to Remove old Apple ID without Password" and use own account instead. How safe is it to remove the iCloud account that is not yours?

Buying used mobile devices is the latest trend practiced across the world. Instead of spending much money on purchasing new (expensive) devices. Apple is one of the most wanted mobile brands so a lot of people choose used iPhone and iPad models instead of LG, HP, Samsung devices.

Individual users also often get a second-hand iPhone or iPad with cool features instead of purchasing a brand new model that costs several times more and offers similar options. Such iDevices can arrive with old Apple ID account on them. They can be used and this shouldn’t hurt you but it is much better when you can reset Apple ID without a phone number and log in with your own account. Isn’t it?

Who Can Erase Apple ID without Password

A big number of iOS users can remove Apple ID without owner and password. This solution is not available to everyone. There are requirements you must meet if you wish to bypass the account on your iDevice.

It is possible to remove Apple ID on ALL Apple mobile gadgets. This means that you can perform the action on iPhone X which is the most recent Apple Smartphone, new iPhone 8, previous iPhone 7, 6s and older models.

iRemove is a safe tool that runs on Windows PC. It supports all Windows operating systems including Vista, XP, Windows 10 and previous 8 etc.

Supported devices:

  1. All activated iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models
  2. All mobile operating system versions
  3. All carriers
  4. Windows OS only (Mac users can install Windows virtual machine to use iRemove bypass software to remove iCloud account or get past Apple ID account on activated and eligible iDevice)

Who Cannot Delete Apple ID on iPhone, iPad

Now let’s see who is not eligible for bypassing service and why.

Apple ID and iCloud account protect Apple users from losing their personal data and information in case their device gets lost or stolen. There is iCloud activation lock that locks down the iDevice with the username and password. This way even if someone finds a lost gadget he or she cannot unlock the screen and use the iPhone or iPad without entering the iCloud activation credentials.

iCloud activation lock is turned on automatically if the original device owner enables Find My iPhone tool.

iRemove app does not remove iCloud activation lock.

It can only bypass Apple ID account directly on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It doesn’t work with the following Apple Devices:

  1. lost iDevices (all models, all firmware)
  2. stolen Apple devices (all models, all firmware)
  3. iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that hasn’t been activated

Please note:

  • If you are getting the error message that your device is NOT SUPPORTED that means that our software can’t help. iRemove tools support any iOS version up to 11.2.6. iOS 11.3/11.4 versions are NOT SUPPORTED.
  • If you try to reset the device to factory settings (restore or erase in iTunes) after Apple ID bypassing — your device will be locked!

Please also check important info here:

How to Remove Apple ID by Using iRemove Tools

Now let’s learn how to factory reset iPad mini, iPad or iPhone without Apple ID password. You don’t even need to search for the original gadget’s owner if you purchased a used mobile phone or tablet that is activated and has someone’s Apple ID account on it. Everything can be performed distantly by you via iRemove software created for Windows computers.

Apple ID Erasing with iRemove (No Password Required)

It’s time to let you sign in with your own Apple ID on your used iPhone or iPad. Use iRemove and the program will quickly bypass the old Apple ID account. This will only happen on your handset or tablet computer. The software cannot completely delete the old account from official Apple server. It only works on the mobile gadget itself.

Here is how to erase old Apple ID:

  • Step 1. You’ll have to download iRemove program. It is quick to install and it can be installed on any Windows PC.
  • Step 2. The tool will bypass the previous Apple ID account on your iDevice. The process is simple. You’ll see the pictures that explain what you should click in order to begin the procedure and remove the account.
  • Step 3. When the process is completed you can sign in with a new Apple ID and use the account along with iCloud features.

Tips to Remember

· The bypass can be temporary for you if you forget that the previous Apple ID account was removed only on the phone or tablet. The connection between the iDevice and Apple server still exists and it cannot be broken by iRemove tool.

· What does it mean for you? What should you remember? What tips must you follow after successful erasing of the old account? You’ll have to always stay on the current iOS that was installed on the gadget during the bypass process. If you ever choose to update to the next firmware version (manually, via WiFi network, through iTunes, by mistake etc.) the old Apple ID account will return and you would be asked to enter the original username and password. In other words, NEVER upgrade the phone or tablet on which you bypassed the previous user’s account with iRemove tool.

· You cannot erase the gadget as it will also cause the previous Apple ID to be back. You’ll be stuck with it. You should never restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This procedure will also return the old Apple account and you’ll be stuck with it. So you are advised to save all the important information from the iDevice BEFORE you erase old Apple ID account and keep in mind all the NEVER-DO tips. You’ll like using the gadget after the bypass. You’ll have so many features to enjoy.

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