How to Fix Facebook News Feed Not Updating Issue

How to Fix Facebook News Feed Not Updating Issue
Thursday, 12 September, 2019 162 Views Computers & Internet

My Facebook newsfeed is not refreshing on my phone. It is showing up completely blank and I thought it is probably an issue with Facebook mobile.

Thursday, 12 September, 2019

Facebook does not seem popular right now but it is still one of the most used social media applications across the world. Since Facebook currently looks after Instagram and WhatsApp, it acquires a lot of platforms at its disposal to make the user experience even more interactive and exciting.

Making every possible thing come true Facebook can to make the application and platform more streamlined; we have come across multiple different cases where users have reported that their news feed was not working. There might be several different variations of the error including the following,

1.    The news feed doesn’t responses at all.

2.    The news feed revolves old data again and again even after refreshing.

3.    The ‘freshest’ feature of the news feed keeps displaying data which is old since long.


Let’s find out the outcome which will work according to the user research regarding the not responding of news feed o Facebook,


1.    Slow internet connection: Don’t allow your Facebook to disturb your news feed while using it. Check your data connection or Wi-Fi is in use. Make sure you are using Facebook at the right place where strong connection takes place.

2.    Facebook is down: Sometimes it is quite possible that Facebook’s server is slow down. You need to wait for sometimes. Restart Facebook and check if your news is working or not.

3.    Update available: In case the news feed scrolls old news, again and again, indicates that your Facebook needs to be updated. Update it with the latest version asked by the play store.

4.    Date and time: Facebook works by taking the time as a parameter according to the user. If you have an incorrect time set (whether on PC or the mobile application), the application will get worried since the time will not be checking out with your geographical location. Here when you update the time fixes the problem.

These outcomes always result overwhelming because these can only resolve the news feed issue. Users feel safe when working with Facebook because its privacy allows them to have their personal information ready. To begin to apply the solution immediately and let the issue stay back.

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