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How to fix problems with Yahoo Mail in iOS Mail?

Thursday, 25 July 91 Views Computers & Internet
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Thursday, 25 July

Troubleshoot problems with Yahoo Mail in iOS Mail

Most problems with the iOS mail application are caused by an invalid configuration or if there is a problem with the Yahoo mail account you are trying to add.

Check if your account works outside the application

  1. From a computer, open a web browser.
  2. Sign in to your Yahoo email account.
  3. Compose a new email and add your own address in the "To" field.
  4. Send the email and see if it arrives in 5 minutes.

If a problem occurs, you must resolve them before the account works in an application.

Update your operating system

Apple releases updates to its operating system each time they identify a solution to a problem. Make sure you are using the latest version of the iOS software.

Remove and re-add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail

The configuration that connects Yahoo Mail with the application may be incorrect or damaged.

  1. Remove your Yahoo mail account from iOS Mail.
  2. Add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail again.

Add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail with IMAP

If the automated configuration process cannot obtain the correct information from the server, you can enter it manually.

  1. Remove your Yahoo mail account from iOS Mail.
  2. Set up an account manually in iOS mail using the IMAP settings of Yahoo mail.

Use the Yahoo Mail application

If you still cannot connect to the iOS mail application, there may be a problem with the device. You can still access Yahoo Mail by downloading the Yahoo Mail application.

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