How to Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android Using Yandex and Mozilla Firefox

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android Using Yandex and Mozilla Firefox
Sunday, 29 September, 2019 131 Views Computers & Internet
How Can I Install Google Chrome Extension on Android Browser with this simple method

Sunday, 29 September, 2019

Are you looking ways to install Google Chrome Extension on Android using Yandex and Mozilla Firefox?

Step 1

 You have to download and install Yandex browser from the Play Store.

Step 2

Lead forward to Chrome. Google. Com/ web store by entering it the address bar of Yandex Browser. When the browser is over then would open the Chrome extensions page.

Step 3

Finally, move to Settings of browser and then go to ‘Full Site Option.

In the desktop version of Google Chrome has ample of extensions for recharging your browsing.  Likewise, from ad- blocking to correction of grammar is presented.  While mobile Chrome users are not lucky enough because of the official mobile Chrome is unable to support them. Are you interested to install and use Chrome extensions on your Android device? Then you can install the Kiwi Browser.

You need an alternative to the default Chrome Browser which is Kiwi Browser. It is based on the Chrome process which is already based upon and good option for fans of extensions because of its support to installation of desktop Chrome very quickly and with ease.

Now there are ways downloading Chrome extensions into Firefox:

You know that this add-on for users those wish to install Chrome Extensions to Firefox. Likewise, Mozilla completes the extensions of web API more & more Chrome Extensions will work in Firefox.



1.       Lead to the Google Chrome Web store.

2.      Next, go to the Extensions section.

3.      Then you have to search for any extension that you wish and tap ‘Add to Firefox’. 

This is vital to learn that you cannot install Chrome extensions on your version of Android because Chrome Apps & extensions aren’t supported on Chrome for Android. That means Google doesn’t support Chrome Extensions over Android and they never would due to ad block inability. Many users of the internet who are using mobile can’t use extensions because of Google does not release extensions support on their browser of mobile. Therefore, you can try Firefox which is open source and encourages about 90% of extensions on mobile phones.

To sum up:

Take a note adding Chrome extensions in web- browsers of Android devices have their limitations.  However, the Yandex browser won’t support Chrome Extensions. Hence look for other browsers that can add to the browser. So with the help of Yandex the browser you could use Google extensions on Android devices.

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