How to recover deleted photo from iphone

How to recover deleted photo from iphone
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To recover recently deleted photos from backup photos, you must open the Photos application and touch Albums to locate the Recently Deleted folder. You can select the photos you want to recover by touching them after clicking "Select" and then clicking "Recover" in the lower right corner.

Sunday, 18 July, 2021

First, if you have not permanently deleted the photos on your iPhone, just go to the Photos app > Album > Recenlty Deleted to restore these deleted photos.

But when the photos is nowhere to be seen in the app, try using iTunes or iCloud on the premise that you have done a backup. For example, if using iTunes, go to iTunes > Restore Backup.

Last, there is another way - data recovery tool like TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery which can restore your photos in any event.


Monday, 16 September, 2019


Unintentionally or intentionally we all delete some photos from our iPhone and wish to get back again. The real problem arises when we are unknown to the method to Recover Deleted Photo From iPhone.

Simple Ways for recovering captured memories, i.e. photos:

1.      First way is to retrieve photos directly from iPhone.

2.      You have to move to ‘Photos’ on your iPhone.

3.      Then tap ‘Albums’ scroll the way down.

4.      Next, tap on ‘recently deleted’.

5.      After it taps on ‘Select’ then select all the ‘Photos’ and tap on ‘Recover’.

In the case you don’t have your iPhone then you can check in the deleted folder in iCloud.

The second way is recovering photos from iTunes backup.

·        Step 1:- Install Enigma that is a recovery tool

·        Step 2:- Recover your photos from iPhone by downloading it and iTunes backup file

·        Step 3:- Backup files, every time you sync your device that is you are using a backup created prior you remove the photographs.

·        Step 4:- Scanning, view photos, and export them to your device.

The third way is retrieving photos from iCloud backup.

You can recover your pictures from the recently deleted folder of photos, if failed, it doesn’t be panic. Another way is opened for you that is retrieve them from a backup file via the use of the recovery tool called ‘Enigma’. This is suitable for recovering deleted photos. Just download it and install it.

Now, learn how to we restore a backup through iCloud.

Prior to starting, you have to double-check that iCloud backup is with you to restore your iPhone.


1.      Firstly, erase your device by tapping ‘Settings’.

2.      Then go to General and in Reset ‘Erase all content & settings.

3.      Next, turn on your reset device and follow the onscreen setup steps for reaching the Apps and Data screen.

4.      After this tap ‘Restore from iCloud Backup.

5.      Next, using your existing Apple ID you have to sign in to iCloud.

6.      Finally, tap ‘the backup that you wish to restore’, this restore procedure would starts.               

I hope you get a solution for an annoying issue that lost precious photographs can be recovered via following quick and easy ways given above.


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