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Recover Facebook Hacked Account - Facebook.com/hacked

Recover Facebook Hacked Account - Facebook.com/hacked
Thursday, 31 January, 2019 7787 Views Computers & Internet

If you think your Facebook account has been hacked or compromised, here's how to get it back by https://www.facebook.com/hacked , If all fails, delete your hacked Facebook account - go through all of your Facebook security emails and follow the instructions immediately.


Thursday, 18 July, 2019

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Thursday, 14 March, 2019

How to Secure Your Facebook Account?

Nowadays most people use social networking sites to get connected with the world. That’s why social networking sites are getting more and more popularity. Though there are many options available, the largest social networking site is Facebook. People around the world use Facebook as it has taken the world of social media to a different level.

It is difficult to find people who are not active on Facebook or who do not have any Facebook account. But now the situation has changed a bit as Facebook users are facing several problems related to their Facebook account. Also, some people now avoid Facebook for some reasons. Here are some reasons mentioned below:

  1. Facebook is becoming people’s addiction and it also eats up too much time.
  2. Facebook is also ruining the life of children and they are getting involved in crime or other offenses and activities.
  3. People are trying to avoid this social media due to privacy concerns.
  4. People are losing their interest in Facebook due to tiresome and annoying updates.
  5. Facebook users sometimes may become depressed as their important feed can be jumbled up with scores their friends got in some game and due to unwanted videos.

Often one can see that people use to have so many friends on Facebook account, but they do not even know them personally. One should reduce the friend list count to avoid cyberbullying and to stay face while sharing personal information and photos on Facebook. Also, you should follow the necessary steps to secure your Facebook account:

  1. You should view your profile as others see it so that you can make necessary changes to your account.
  2. You should ensure that you are browsing securely and also you should not browse when Secure Browsing is disabled.
  3. You should restrict access to your past and future Facebook posts.
  4. You can also prevent unnecessary and annoying tags, review photos or game requests by changing tagging Settings.
  5. You can also change the setting to ensure who can see your posts and photos.
  6. You should be careful about spam messages and should block those people who are sending spams.

If you are getting a report from your friends and acquaintances that they are receiving unwanted messages from your message box or if you are seeing some unwanted activities in your account, that means your account has been hacked. You should change the password and other security settings right away. You can also take help from the Facebook team and well-qualified experts who are available round the clock to provide quick and instant solutions related to any Facebook account queries.


Thursday, 28 February, 2019

How to Recover Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking websites. It is a booming platform; users can update status, images, videos, and much more interesting things. Best things about this platform are that it is very easy to access and many features on this platform make it more useful like a timeline, events, message, pages, groups etc. Facebook provides Id to its user, which is called Facebook id. Somewhere it is connected to user identity. If something is connected to someone I'd, so it is a very big concern. With the help of Facebook, anyone can easily target any particular person all over the world.

A little mistake by users will be harmful, hackers can hack users account very easily by writing a hacking code on page source. They can do everything for the purpose they hacked user account.

How do I know my Facebook account is hacked or not?

Facebook account is hacked or not – There are many ways to find symptoms for a hacked Facebook account. Some are given below.


§  Unrecognized action

§  Bad post

§  Unrecognized conversation

§  Invalid login details

§  Recovery setting changed

Hacking factors are listed below:

§  Bad link click

§  Viruses

§  Update password

§  Sign-out


Bad link - It is a type of link by which someone can track your details very easily. Hackers are used to refer a bad link for login Facebook account. If any user does log-in with the same, then all login information redirect to hacker desktop.


Viruses - It happens when user install an unnecessary application or track application. Those applications allow the hacker to track user desktop screen.


Update password – If anyone has an account on any domain, it is the must for the security to update the password in the little gap of time.


Sign-out - Whenever the user does sign-in in any device, makes sure at the time of logout, an account has properly log-out.

How to recover a hacked Facebook account?

Recover hacked Facebook account- Recovery of hacked Facebook account is not difficult if you are the owner of the same account. But make sure whenever the user uses Facebook, the device have already installed antivirus tool. Sometimes the device which we used to open Facebook account already have viruses symptom, so whatever we are typing all is recorded somewhere illegally and then anyone can easily hack Facebook account.

Some methods are given below for recover Facebook account:

§  Registered recovery email

§  Registered phone number

§  Identity verification


Registered recovery Email – Follow below-listed steps

§  Go to the login page

§  Forgot your account

§  Identify your account

§  I forgot my account

§  Checkbox email option

§  Write verification code (received on your recovery email id)


Registered phone number – Follow below-listed steps

§  Go to the login page

§  Forgot your account

§  Identify your account

§  I forgot my account

§  Checkbox phone number option

§  Write verification code (received on your registered phone number)


Identity verification -Identity verification is only possible by Facebook customer care service. This verification is only useful if the user forgets all login details. At that moment, the user has to provide his/her identity to Facebook.


So, if the user observes any unrecognized action on his/her Facebook account, the user can follow any above to recover Facebook account methods.


Thursday, 31 January, 2019

Facebook is one of the most liked social networking websites all around the globe and billions of people use Facebook for numerous functions considering that renowned factors are also susceptible to undesirable incidents. Nevertheless, recovering Facebook accounts is simpler and can be accomplished with a handful of measures. As soon as your Facebook account gets recovered, you need to become further protective about it. Under are some techniques that can be valuable in recovering your hacked account.

How to Get Back a Hacked Facebook Account? The most typical sort of hacking is accomplished by modifying the password of the account so that the original consumer can't access it. As a fact, recovering these kinds of account is relatively simple. You need to follow these actions for carrying out so. If only the password has been transformed then you may go to “Forgot password” option at the Facebook login page. Facebook will lead you to another web page and will question you to enter either your username, e-mail tackle or the telephone number. You can pick any of the alternatives. Facebook will locate your profile, check out your distinct profile and click “Continue”. A recovery code will be sent to your preferred restoration choice. Enter that code and simply click keep on. Now established your new password and your account will be prepared to use again.

If no accessibility to e-mail: If the hacker has gone more with hacking your account, and your linked e-mail is not able to be accessed then you should just take the following methods to recover it. Click on the “Forgot password” section. Now allow Facebook to look up your profile by entering either your username or electronic mail address. As soon as you have been positioned by Facebook, click on your profile, a dialogue box will open to reset your password. Click “No” for a long time then prolonged recovery choices will be presented and it depends on the age of the Facebook account. For performing so, enter the email address and click on “Expose my trustworthy contacts” and enter any of your contact Name. Facebook will provide a link that only you’re trustworthy can access. Request them to simply click on the link and get the safety code for you. Enter the protection code to recover your account.

If both password and email handle modified: If your Facebook password, as well as the connected e-mail, has been modified then the odds of recovering the account have considerably decreased. To get through this kind of circumstances, there are two methods that you can apply.


  1. To recover the password using the mobile number, all you have to do is go to the Facebook web page. Click on the “Forgot password” section and enter your Username or Email address. Once your Facebook profile will get appear, click on it and recovery options will show up. Click and enter your phone number, Facebook will send textual content information in which a stability code will be provided. Enter the recovery code to the dialogue box. Now you will be ready to establish a new password for your Facebook account.
  2. The other way is to get it with e-mail change notification. If your email handle has been altered, then Facebook will send out an email to your email address and notify you about the email alter. Then Facebook will provide you with a number of recovery choices in accordance with the account and stability. You could be requested to upload the federal government ID, Facebook will confirm it and reactivate your account. Yet another entertaining choice is that Facebook will ask you to understand your pals by showing you their photographs and asking their names.


These are the approaches by means of which you can recover your hacked account. However, your account was hacked but have you ever questioned why it occurred in the initial location? You must attempt to make your Facebook account protected and safe. For undertaking this you should be very clear about is to never ever use the Facebook password for any other accounts that you own. This will support to safe your Facebook profile if any other account of yours has been hacked. Facebook also has the two-action verification variation, to allow it, go to your stability settings and simply click on “Login Approval.” By carrying out this, you will be often requested for the security code offered to your cellular number each time your account is logged in to a new system.


In US, Facebook also gives a one-time password which is quite beneficial in order to sign in to the community account. These guidelines will support you to make your account protected. Hopefully, you find these actions beneficial and it will help you to come out of this scenario. 

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