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How to Reset Snapchat Password without Phone Number or Email

How to Reset Snapchat Password without Phone Number or Email
Monday, 13 May, 2019 24458 Views Computers & Internet
Hello, Please let me know how to reset Snapchat password, If I forgot my phone number or email id.

Monday, 3 February, 2020

Best Way to Reset Snapchat Account Password

1. Start Snapchat on your Android or iPhone.

2. Enter your username or email. In the Password field, enter any random password.

3. You will receive an error "That is not the correct password. Sorry!" with a link "Forgot your password?"

4. Click on Forgot your password?

5. Choose the reset method by phone or email. {I used my phone number}.

6. Prove you are not a robot. Complete this challenge.

7. Select your country code and enter your phone number and click Continue.

8. Snapchat will send you a verification code on your phone via SMS or Call Meoption.

9. After receiving the confirmation code, enter the code and tap Continue.

10. Set your new Snapchat password and you're done.


Monday, 6 January, 2020

For security reasons, you cannot reset your Snapchat password without a phone number or email account.



Monday, 10 June, 2019

Tips to Reset Snapchat Password without Email or Phone

Snapchat is an application software used to send messages to your friends and colleagues around the world. Using that application, you can get information and express your feelings with your loved ones. But it would cause panic if you access Snapchat from your device and it is difficult to log in because you forgot the password. It is the worst condition if it happens with you. But do not be scared. We are here to help you. We will let you know how to recover your forgotten password if you have problems with related passwords. Check the following points because you may lose the password:

  1. Check if you are accessing the account on a new device
  2. You may receive the wrong message if you access it in an Internet browser.
  3. Have you deleted it and reinstalled it again?
  4. It is possible if you are using multiple accounts in the same device
  5. Have you shared the device with other users?
  6. If the previous cases are not with you, you have simply forgotten the password of the account and the password you are entering is simply incorrect.
  7. Check the typographical errors when typing the password;
  8. It is possible that you recently changed the password and entered the previous one, since you do not remember it.
  9. It may happen that someone hacks your account and changes the password without your permission.

So, if you forgot your Snapchat account password or if you suspect someone who has changed your password without your permission, do not worry. Snapchat offers fairly simple solutions to recover your account password. You can reset Snapchat's password without email using the associated mobile number.

Follow the steps to retrieve the account password:

  1. Touch the Snapchat application on your mobile phone
  2. Touch the START SESSION option and enter the Snapchat email address \ username in the respective fields
  3. Click on Forgot your password, option available just below the user details and password. It is mandatory to enter the details of the Snapchat user in the respective field, otherwise it will be very difficult to recognize it.
  4. You will get two options to reset your account password through an associated phone number or email address.

Reset Snapchat Password without Email

  1. The Snapchat asks you to enter an associated phone number if you have selected to recover the password over the phone.
  2. Now, you must touch the option Call / Send SMS to receive the verification code through a call or SMS.
  3. The Snapchat sends you the verification code through a call or SMS, depending on the option you have selected. Enter the received code in the respective field.
  4. Now, a new screen will appear where you must enter a new password and then re-enter it in the respective fields.
  5. After entering the password, touch the Change password option

After following the steps above, you can successfully reset Snapchat's password without email.

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