How to Set-up Yahoo Account Key?

How to Set-up Yahoo Account Key?
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Need to know about how to Set-up Yahoo Account Key?

Thursday, 14 February, 2019

Yahoo has been known to introduce new features day by day. Taking into consideration the recent boom in handheld devices, and the numerous features introduced day to day into the smartphones. Yahoo has enabled the option of Yahoo account key. It is because a number of users use Yahoo on their smartphones using the Yahoo apps. It offers a number of features which secures your Yahoo account and keeps your Yahoo account safe. This also limits the login attempts from other devices. The best part of this is that you do not need to remember the passwords, and you need to just enter a username to access your Yahoo Email. It can be enabled on Web browsers also and the Android apps on iOS devices, and Android devices. 


How does Yahoo account key work?


Yahoo account key is quite a useful innovation nowadays. To use this feature you need to enable the Yahoo account key option. In order to do those perform the steps mentioned below:


1.       Open the Yahoo sign-in page on your browser.

2.      Go to the account security tab.

3.      Click the Manage button under Yahoo account key section.

4.      Turn on the Yahoo account key option.

5.      Confirm your device that you are using.

6.      Receive the notification on the device.

7.      Your account key is set onto the device.

8.     It offers two-step verification, without the need to enter any password. Follow these steps to enable Yahoo account key on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

9.      In the app to log in, you need to just open the Yahoo app and tap the account key icon.

10.  Tap on the button Set up account key.

11.   Tapping on the yes button opens the confirmation key.

12.  Then tap on the Got it! Button.

13.  Again tap on Enable Account Key button.

14.  Tapping on Great, got it! The button enables the Yahoo account key option.


After you do that you can quite easily log in to your account using the Yahoo account key. Now there is no need to remember any passwords. You can log in to your Yahoo account and access the mail.


Tuesday, 12 February, 2019

Yahoo is an amazing mail account that let user exchange the most enhanced mail. It is used both for official and personal mail exchange. Yahoo enables users using Yahoo in the easiest possible way so that no user faces any issues exchanging emails with Yahoo. It is easy and enhanced and to use any application provided by Yahoo you need to get to your Yahoo mail account with your id and password.

Even when it is easy getting in Yahoo for using amazing applications provided but in some cases, there are issues accessing your account and you need not to panic. If you are facing trouble signing in to your email account, you require a quick solution for setting up Yahoo Account Key. There are reasons due to which user is facing this login failure in their Yahoo mail account and this can be:

  1. Possibly you are unable to login to your Yahoo account because you are trying with wrong credential or wrong combination of id and password. Check the log-in data carefully.
  2. Next is to check your Yahoo Password wisely twice. Maybe you have forgotten your Yahoo password or entering a wrong password. It is possible that you are entering the password with caps lock on. Yahoo passwords are case sensitive and you may enter the wrong case of the password.
  3. If you are facing these issues on your mobile devices, it is essential to recheck whether you have used a proper mail app on your device or not. Try to use the latest version Yahoo mail app and if necessary download the right one.
  4. Check for internet connections, if you are unable to log in. Sometimes due to inappropriate internet access, such issues are common. Make sure you have the right connection and internet availability and then sign again.
  5. If everything is right and you have right combinations of id and password and you are still facing issues getting to your Yahoo account, it may be because your account has been compromised. In such cases when you are unable to login to your own account you can try to recover your Yahoo account with the recovery link.
  6. Last but not least; this may be because your Yahoo account has been suspended by Yahoo. This may be because they must have observed some unusual activities in your Yahoo account which made them suspend your account. In such cases, you may ask Yahoo to provide access back.

It is sure that when you wish to use any applications provided by Yahoo, you need to get to your Yahoo account with your id and password because all services can only be used by getting to the account only. It is important that you remember your password and maintains its security to avoid any such issues. You must keep a hard to detect password on Yahoo and must not share your password with anyone either via a mail reply or on mobile or in written format.


With this, you can avoid any issues that you are facing while you are login into your Yahoo account. This is easy to eliminate any issues that occurred while using Yahoo or any application provides by following easy instructions suggested by Yahoo.


Monday, 11 February, 2019

Are you becoming weary of remembering such huge numbers of passwords? Setup your Yahoo Account key is the right solution for you which is increasingly secure and give you a chance to get inside your Yahoo mail without entering that cumbersome traditional password every time. When you allow the Yahoo Account Key, a notification is sent at the season of login to Yahoo, to your Smartphone. All you have to do is simply approve it.

Yahoo Account Key text is generally sent to the registered phone. You should have the Yahoo application so you can right away tap the approve link. In case if you don’t have the Yahoo application, rather than the notification, you will get the account key as a text-based notification by SMS.

Setup Your Yahoo Account Key from Web Browser:

  1. Open your account and then tap on the Account info.
  2. Now switch to Account Security tab and toggle 2-step verification.
  3. Type your mobile number to verify and tap on the Send SMS.
  4. Afterward, enter the verification code which you got on your registered mobile number and click on the Verify button.
  5. Now you can reconnect through all your applications. To get expressed hit “Create application passwords.
  6. Once you are completed activating the tw2-step verification, download the Yahoo mobile application from application store/play store and just read apply these steps to log in your account.

Login to Account Via iOS Device:

  1. Open a Yahoo application that supports Account Key, similar to Yahoo Mail, afterward, click on Profile picture.
  2. Next, click on the Account Key.
  3. Then you have to click Set up Account Key option.
  4. Now press Yes button for the affirmation screen to open.
  5. After that click to Got it! And pick Enable Account Key link.
  6. Then click on Great, got it! to log in with a notification starting now and into the foreseeable future.

Way to Login through Android:

  1. Open a Yahoo application and tap you need to click Menu symbol.
  2. Here simply tap on the Account Key.
  3. And follow the iOS steps listed previously.



To login in from now on, you’ll simply need to enter your email address or username and hit Continue button. Afterward, Yahoo will send a notification on your mobile phone to approve access.

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