How to Snapchat Without Hands on iPhone and Android

How to Snapchat Without Hands on iPhone and Android
Wednesday, 29 May, 2019 668 Views Computers & Internet

Wednesday, 29 May, 2019

Do you want to avoid the main restriction of Snapchat that makes you press your finger on the screen of your phone to take a moment? I have you covered.

An iPhone accessibility feature called AssistiveTouch also contains the key to hands-free Snapchat videos

Simply follow this surprisingly simple guide and you can use your hands to achieve more self-posing poses.

How to spend free hands-on Snapchat on iPhone

The trick of the iPhone is based on an accessibility feature called AssistiveTouch:

1. Open the configuration application and go to General

2. Then touch Accessibility and go to AssistiveTouch

3. Turn on AssistiveTouch and then create a new gesture

4. In the New gesture panel, press and hold your finger on the center of the screen to let it record your touch (the blue bar at the bottom will fill when it is done)

5. Save the gesture

Next, open Snapchat and touch the little gray dot on your screen.

1. Then touch Customize and select the gesture you just saved.

2. Now, another gray dot will appear. Drag down on Snapchat’s record button and release it.

3. The application will continue recording and your hands will be free of fashion.

Keep in mind that gestures can only be set to last for 8 seconds, so you will not get the duration of the 10-second Snapchat video with this solution.

And if you want to get rid of the little gray dot, you can disable it through Settings and AssistiveTouch.

How to spend free hands-on Snapchat on Android

Android does not have an AssistiveTouch mechanism, so we’ll have to be a bit creative:

1. First, find an elastic band (we’re not kidding — go to that)

2. Next, wrap it around the button to increase the volume on your Android phone, which will tell the device to start recording.

3. Make sure the rubber band does not wrap around the lock button or hide your phone’s camera

4. Open Snapchat

5. With the elastic band pressing the volume up button, your recording should start automatically

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