How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on iPhone and Android

How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on iPhone and Android
Friday, 6 September, 2019 1339 Views Computers & Internet

Friday, 6 September, 2019

Social media does not need any address in this era. Gone are those days when people where not prone to these social platforms. Facebook is one among them. Today most of the people have their Facebook account. Many of them hold multiple Facebook accounts.

And if they want to access their other account they must need to logout from first account. But the question arises how can we access these multiple accounts on our android and iPhone devices? You need not to worry this article deals with this subject. Friendly for Facebook app resolves this issue.

Features of Friendly for Facebook

1.       You can easily manage or access more than one Facebook account on your device.

2.      It consumes less storage capacity than Facebook. Facebook acquires a lot of memory in your device.

3.      You need not install the messenger app in your device.

4.      It holds almost all similar features of a Facebook app.

Steps to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on Android or iPhone

1.       Download and install Friendly for Facebook application on your device. If android then downloads from Google Play Store and in iPhone you can download from the App store.

2.      Very first time when you will open this application a wizard will pop-up as an alert.

3.      Hit on the screen to finish screen simultaneously to continue ahead.

4.      Further input your email address or phone number and password to sign in with your account.

5.      Now if you are willing to add another account, hit on the settings icon that is a gear.

6.      Then tap on the plus sign just below your account to add another new Facebook account.

7.      Enter your email address or phone number and password for the second account to log in. And you are done.

8.      You can easily switch between two accounts by pressing the Switch account alternative in the bottom right corner of your current Facebook account page.

9.      Here you can access another account's messages, notifications, news feed and all which you were enjoying on your earlier account.

I hope this article acts as a one stop solution for you. It’s actually pretty easy to access multiple Facebook accounts on same device. Do checkout the above noted guidelines carefully.


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