Someone using my Yahoo account, How can I get back my account?

Someone using my Yahoo account, How can I get back my account?
Thursday, 29 August, 2019 292 Views Computers & Internet

Thursday, 29 August, 2019

When you try to log in your yahoo account but don’t succeed. Even you try to enter correct password still you fail. This symbolizes that your yahoo account has been hacked. Someone else has unauthorized access to your yahoo account. That’s why even after having accurate credentials you are not able to get access to your account.

It’s OK; don’t get alarmed, in this article we will discuss some guidelines regarding how to recover hacked yahoo account.

Before moving to the measures I would like to share some requisites that one must ponder to avoid any hacking or unauthorized access.

1)    Always stick to paid anti-virus for your windows pc as well as enable secure internet surf option of your anti-virus.

2)    Don’t access a blocked website by your anti-virus, visit only safe and secure websites.

3)    Try to download from safe and secure websites.

4)    Never forget to logout from your account if you access any public place cyber café.

5)    Avoid downloading any email attachment without proper verification.

6)    Don’t have the same password till long, try to change it after certain duration.

7)    Don’t access your vital data while using public internet services.

8)    Never save your password which pops up during login with public internet services.

9)    Try to have two-way authentication of your account.

10)  Don’t perform any payment process on the scammer and insecure websites.

How to recover a Yahoo account used by someone else?

·       Visit your Yahoo account login page. Tap on a sign-in tab in the upright corner of your page.

·       Tap on “trouble signing in?” link below the “sign-in” tab.

·     Enter your recovery email address or phone number registered with your account and click continue tab.

·  Then click on verify and you will get a verification code either on your phone number or email address.

·    Click Yes text me an Account key for the phone number or Yes, send me an Account Key for recovery email.

·       Now you will get verification code depending on your fill up option i.e. either on phone number or email.

·       Enter the verification code in the respective field and verify your credentials.

·       Follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to save changes.

Hope this article helps you to recover your hacked Yahoo account/mail. Still, if you are having any query or issue you may contact their customer service.

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