What Does It Mean When It Says Pending on Snapchat?

What Does It Mean When It Says Pending on Snapchat?
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A Snapchat pending label usually appears under a friend's name in the chat tab, under a friend's name on their profile, and within a DM or conversation. Why is it called "pending" on Snapchat? The "pending" label means Snapchat was unable to send it.

Monday, 28 June, 2021

In this answer, you will learn about What Does It Mean When It Says Pending on Snapchat? And how to fix it.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, which provides a great place to connect with friends, generate fun content, and communicate with other persons. However, many times regular users experience the issue ‘Pending on Snapchat’ and that certainly can be super annoying for a new user. Due to this error message, often users face a lot of difficulties.

So, if you are also getting an error message “pending on Snapchat”, and you don’t understand what to do? Then don’t worry. When this message occurs that typically means if you are not friends with the person you tried to send the message to. This message also shows that the receiver has removed you from their Snapchat contacts. Snapchat does not inform the person when they are unfriended, so this is one of the only ways to know for sure whether you are still on someone’s friend's list.

Why Does ‘Pending on Snapchat’ occur?

Thus, the error message ‘pending on Snapchat’ can occur due to several reasons. It does not ever signify that the user has blocked you.

Here are mentioned some of the most common reasons:

Reason 1: Internet Connection Issue

Sometimes, the pending status shows due to low or no internet connection. Meanwhile, when a snap or a message is sent to someone who has no internet connection, then the status of it will be Pending show.

Correspondingly, if you send a snap to a mutual friend and the status is Pending that cause they might have turned OFF their Phone.

Thus, to solve the Pending status issue check your Internet connectivity or check your mobile data instead of WIFI, and vice-versa.

Reason 2: The Other User Didn’t Add You as A Friend

If you have just recently added some personality to your Snapchat friends list, then you will probably grasp the Snapchat Pending notification under their name, which means that person did not add you as a friend yet.

Thus, to solve the Pending status, the person requires to add you back on Snapchat.

Reason 3: The Other User Has Blocked/Removed You

Thirdly, when you see ‘Pending on Snapchat’ status that also means the other user has blocked or removed you on Snapchat.  After blocking they won’t be able to receive your snaps, chat messages, and watch your public stories. Therefore. ensure, blocking and removing are similar as they will both change the person’s status to pending.  

That’s all things related to the status pending means on Snapchat.

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