Why is my Gmail not responding on chrome?

Why is my Gmail not responding on chrome?
Wednesday, 11 September, 2019 122 Views Computers & Internet
How can I troubleshoot gmail account not working on google chrome web browser? Please help.. I am unable to open my gmail account on my chrome.

Wednesday, 11 September, 2019

Google chrome is the most reliable and preferred browser among people across the globe. It’s widely accessed by a large proportion of users in comparison to other browsers.

Amidst its efficiency, it’s a technical tool so it is more susceptible to some issues that hamper chrome’s usual operation. Gmail not responding on chrome is one among these issues.

There maybe several causes for this. Maybe your browser is not compatible with Gmail, browser cache or cookie. If you are facing it don’t worry it will be fixed up following some minor measures.

Before moving towards any major settings do checkout these fundamental settings.

1.    Restart your computer and check whether it solves the issue.

2.    Try some other browser and ensure if problem is only related to chrome or not.

3.    Either rename or reload Google chrome in cache and check whether it loads or not.

4.    Deactivate all extensions and then restart your browser. This will notify you whether any of them preventing Gmail to respond to Chrome.

5.    Make sure you are accessing the latest version of Google chrome. If not then update it to the current version.

If the above-noted solutions are not working, you can go for further measures.

Clear your browser cookies and cache:

1.    Start your computer and open chrome.

2.    In browser toolbar menu, select More and then tap on More Tools and further click on Clear Browsing Data option.

3.    In Clear Browsing Data field, click on checkboxes for cookies and other cache data, images and files for clearing.

4.    You can go for option about the amount of data you want to delete from a specific time period (date, week or month).

5.    Else you can select Beginning of time for deleting everything from your browsing history.

6.    Then click on Clear browsing data.

7.    Finally, your entire cache from the browser is deleted.

Open Gmail in a private window:

1.    Open your Google chrome.

2.    Click More tab in the upright corner of the webpage.

3.    Select New Incognito window, a new window will come up.

4.    Do check whether the new incognito window is visible on the top corner of the page.

5.    Using Ctrl +Shift +N, you can open a new incognito window.

Hope these steps work out for you and sort out your trouble regarding this. For more information, you can visit Chrome help desk for more detailed and analyzed information.

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