Why is my Google photos not working? How can I fix Google photos not uploading issue?

Why is my Google photos not working? How can I fix Google photos not uploading issue?
Wednesday, 11 September, 2019 231 Views Computers & Internet
How can I troubleshoot my Google photos not working problem, I am unable to upload or download photos on Google Photos.

Wednesday, 11 September, 2019

Google Photos Not Working 

Google is a brand that has now started dominating each and every sector of the IT industry contacting a number of products and services under its umbrella. So just in case, you think that you can survive in today's technical world without getting to use Google products or services then it's pretty hard to believe. So this company has gained such popularity since they have really worked hard to provide a number of amazing services to the customers such as the service of the google photos. If you are using the google account then you must be getting a google photos app which is basically responsible for maintaining and uploading all your photos of your device.

So google photos is basically an assistant that creates albums and other stuff from your photos and help in keeping you a back-up for your photos. Now just think of a situation where we are very sure that the photos are backed up in our drive and hence we do not maintain a manual data back for our photos. And at this point of google photos stopped working then that is an alarming situation. But in that case, do not panic since there are a number of ways by which you can get the issue resolved.

In order to resolve the issue of Google photos not working, you simply have to follow the below written steps:

If you are using the iPhone then these steps will help in getting a fix.


  1. You have to simply try to clear all the cache for the app of google photos on your iPhone device.
  2. For which you have to go to the settings option and then you have to simply tap on the all apps option.
  3. Followed by scrolling down and then choosing the google photos app among the list of the apps that you have on your device.
  4. After that, you just have to follow all the instructions that you get on screen and this will clear all your cache.
  5. One more way to get the issue fix is to delete the google photos app and then installing it again.
  6. For this process, you just have to open the app i.e the google photos app followed by long-pressing the app
  7. And then tapping on the cross mark that you get at the corner of the app.
  8. By doing so the app will be deleted and then you just have to reinstall it from the store.

If you are using the android device then you have to follow the below-written steps:


  1. One of the very common fixes is to update the app of the google photos.
  2. So for that, you just have to open the google photos on to the play store of your device.
  3. Followed by looking for whether an update is available for your device. If your device has got the update option for this app.
  4. Then you have to simply tap on the update button and this is done.
  5. Apart from the above method, you can also try clearing the cache for this app.
  6. Doing this will definitely help you, so for that, you have to go to the settings option of your device
  7. Followed by looking from the google photos app among all apps.
  8. And then tapping on the clear cache option against the google photos app.

Wednesday, 11 September, 2019


Are you fed up with Google photos not working, Google photos not showing photos, Google photos not uploading photos? And you are completely tired of trying all the measures but still, you are on the same node. Don’t worry now you are no longer away from your cherished memories.

Here you will be getting the best possible solutions to your problem. We will try our level best to make your Google photos as intended. So do checkout the possible guidelines.

Google photos not opening or not working issue

In this case, try uninstalling and installing your application, in order to remove the cache. Mark the given below steps:

1.       Step 1:- Open your phone settings

2.      Step 2:- Visit your App/Applications Manager

3.      Step 3:- Click on All apps tab

4.      Step 4:- Scroll and click on Google photos app

5.      Step 5:- First of all try clearing the cache first

·         Checkout the “Calculating” messages to go away

·         Click on clear cache

·         Start your application

6.      Step 6:- If this doesn’t solve your problem uninstall your application

7.      Step 7:- Restart your device

8.     Step 8:- Reinstall your Google photos application

9.      Step 9:- Check whether your trouble is sorted or not

If above-mentioned criteria don’t support your requirement does perform “System Cache Partition” clearing on your device. This process varies from device to device, so do perform a web checking regarding it. Something like this “Wipe system cache partition on [your device name]” and check the precise process.

Google photos not uploading issue

If your Google photo is not uploading photos, try the given below suggestions. They may differ from device to device.

1.       If you are using a Smartphone makes sure you are getting a proper, unambiguous network connection.

2.      Remove the entire cache data.

3.      Open the settings of your phone.

4.      Select the apps and you will get the series of apps installed in your phone and among them select Google photos.

5.      Click on clear cache option in the app

6.      After completing these steps restart your device

Also check whether your app needs an update. If it needs, update it to the current version. Hope this article solves your problem and you are further enjoying the features of Google photos. For more support and information visit Google community forum and help desk.




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