Why is my Google Voice Search not Working Properly?

Why is my Google Voice Search not Working Properly?
Wednesday, 11 September, 2019 129 Views Computers & Internet
How can I troubleshoot Google voice search not working problem? Can anyone provide me proper information?

Wednesday, 11 September, 2019


Google has launched a unique feature that is a voice search application  where  Google responds, for example –‘ Hey Google’, ‘ Hello, Google’, etc. and opens the search window. Here, it listens to your voice for your search, this feature is adopted by your computers, Smartphones, smart TVs, consoles, etc. But when this feature is not working well or encountering difficulties can cause a bizarre problem like it is not recognizing or refusing your voice at all.

Here We discussing to bring solutions on how to fix Google's voice search not working.

Here a solution to fix this issue:

Might be your device get into an error state or corrupted configurations are causes of the problem of disability of Google voice search. Thus before going to technical fixes – it is worth power cycling first. If you’re experiencing the error then you can resolve this issue by following these steps.

You have to turn off your Smartphone then wait for a few seconds before turning it on. When the phone is turned well then try to use Google search again if it working properly or not.

 If this issue retains then check your language settings and microphone on your device.

1.       First, go to Google App then to Settings.

2.      Here you change appropriate language from the Voice menu.

3.      If there are dotted lines in a microphone icon that means there is a problem with the microphone.

After checking other issues regarding persisting the problem in Google Voice Search such as compatibility with Bixby (old version of S Voice App) then you have to disable it first. Now check network settings like strong Wi-Fi connection and finally, see that ‘OK Google’ detection is turned on or not.

Now, in the last but not least you have to retrain ‘Ok Google’, often Google Assistant doesn’t retain the commands which are given to it, therefore   retrain your digital friend:

1.       Open the Settings on Google Search

2.      Next, tap Retrain Voice model and repeat ‘Ok Google’, when

3.      ‘Hey Google’ is prompted then you find your Google Assistant is ready to work properly and responding to your voice.

Now you had fixed this issue and all set to use it.


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