Why is my HP laserjet not printing or not working?

Why is my HP laserjet not printing or not working?
Wednesday, 11 September, 2019 186 Views Computers & Internet
What is the procedure to fix HP laserjet printer not printing problem...

Wednesday, 11 September, 2019


Printers not working or not printing these issues often yields up. These issues rise up due to various reasons such as configuration problems, connectivity or driver failure, etc. Are you stuck in this problem? Don’t worry; I have a solution to abolish your issues. Do check out the following guidelines.

Apply fundamental troubleshooting:

1.       You can go to basic troubleshooting parameters. Monitor the status of the connection between your printer and computer.

2.      Check out the network scenario and make sure the cables connected with your device are working well.

3.      You can even reseat the cables connecting your printer and computer.

4.      Restart your computer, turn off the printer.

5.      Unplug your printer power cord either from A/C outlet or surge protector.

6.      Plugin the cord again in A/C outlet and power on your printer.

7.      Do analyze whether your printer is working normally or not.

Set your printer as default:

1.       When you move to print something your computer directs the task to the default printer unless you opt for another option.

2.      Thus your hp printer won’t print unless and until you set it as the default printer or select it to print.

3.      For setting it to default printer follow these steps:

a.     Visit your control panel. You can even go by pressing Windows logo key + r and type control and click run.

b.    In control panel select devices and printers.

c.     In the printer field, right-click on your HP printer and set it as default.

d.    A tick enables that your printer has been set as default printer.

 Update or reinstall your printer driver:

1.       It may be possible that your printer and your driver are not compatible with each other.

2.      You either need to update your driver or reinstall it.

3.      Driver easy works as a one-stop solution to your problem. It automatically detects your system and selects an appropriate driver for your system.

Cancel all print jobs:

1.       Another reason can be chaos in printing queue leading to deadlock like scenario.

2.      The thwarted print jobs stop executing normally and even obstructs the printer to print.

3.      Visit your control panel and select device and printers.

4.      Select your hp printer dropdown, in printer field and tap on See what’s printing.

5.      Open printer tab as an administrator.

6.      Open printer menu again and click on Cancel all documents.

7.      Click on yes to confirm your action.

8.     Now monitor whether it’s working unambiguously.

Analyze the status of your printer:

1.       If the above-noted measures aren’t working make sure about your hardware configurations.

2.      Checkout whether your hp printer has enough paper, ink or toner and it’s not stuck in a paper jam.

3.      Check the status of your printer cartridge and do service your printer.




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